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Hojarascas-Traditional Mexican Shortbread Cookies

Hojarascas-Traditional Mexican Shortbread Cookies

Do you have a family tradition that was passed down to you??? Making cookies during the holidays is probably one of those traditions that we are all familiar with. There were only two desserts that my Mom baked during the holidays, empanadas and hojarascas. Hojarascas is the name I knew them by in Monterrey, Mexico. This very traditional Mexican cookie is lightly sweetened and typically flavored with anise. They come with or without nuts. The orange zest is my twist on the recipe. They are rolled in sugar and fresh grated canela  (Mexican cinnamon). They literally melt in your mouth!

After I got married and moved away from home, my Mom would send me these cookies every Christmas. Now that that she is no longer with us, I took it upon myself to keep this tradition going and bake these very special cookies every holiday season. The cookies are also known as Pan de Polvo and Biscochitos. The hardest part is not eating them before I share them with family an friends! Happy Holidays!

Hojarascas-Traditional Mexican Shortbread Cookies

Yields up to 2 dozen small cookies


1 cup of vegetable shortening or manteca (pork lard)
½ cup granulated sugar, plus more for dusting
1½ teaspoons anise seeds or 1 teaspoon ground
2 large egg yolks
Zest and juice from 1 large orange (at least 1/4 cup of juice)
1½ teaspoons baking powder
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup finely ground pecans
Nonstick spray or parchment paper

You Will Also Need

1/2 cup of granulated sugar mixed with 1 full teaspoon of fresh ground Mexican canela

Mexican Canela-Hojarascas



To Start: Preheat oven to 350ºF.

1. Combine shortening and ½ cup of sugar in bowl. Using an electric hand mixer, cream together until fluffy. Beat in the anise and then the egg yolks until thoroughly blended. Reduce mixer speed to low and with the mixer running, add the orange juice, zest, baking powder and finally the flour, mixing just long enough to work in the flour. Fold in the pecans. Cover with plastic wrap and chill for 20 minutes.

2. Spray or line cookie sheets. On a lightly floured surface,  roll out dough and use your favorite cutouts like hearts, stars or trees. You can also roll 1 inch balls and place them on the cookie sheets. Take the bottom of a glass and press cookies flat. Dip the bottom of glass in flour if it starts to stick.

3. Bake in preheated oven until lightly browned, about 12 to 13 minutes. While cookies are cooling, mix sugar with  cinnamon. Carefully dip each cookie into the cinnamon sugar mixture. Cool completely and store in airtight container. Yields up to 2 dozen small cookies.

Hojarascas-Pan de Polvo

Hojarascas-Pan de Polvo

Tips~ The gingerbread man was not the best for this recipe. The heads and legs brake off easily, lol! Stick with the stars, hearts or trees.

Hojarascas-Pan de Polvo-Mexican Shortbread Cookies

Hojarascas-Pan de Polvo