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Tamachile garnished with salsa served with rice and beans


It's a tamal and a chile relleno all in one!
Course Main Course
Cuisine Mexican
Prep Time 45 minutes
Cook Time 2 hours 30 minutes
Total Time 3 hours 15 minutes
Servings 4 Servings


  • Steamer Pot


  • 4 large poblanos
  • 2 cup Masa for tamales previously prepared, see link in notes
  • 6 ounces queso fresco
  • 6 ounces pepper jack cheese
  • 20 extra wide corn husk previously softened in boiling water


  • Placed washed poblanos under broiler for 15-20 minutes, turning then halfway through the cooking time. Once skins have blistered, transfer them to a plastic bag to steam and cool.
  • Slice both cheese varieties into 4 equal portions. Try to slice them uniform in size and short enough to fit into the roasted poblano. Set aside.
  • When ready, peel the blistered skins from peppers. Slice open and carefully remove the seeds and veins.
  • Spread some masa inside the cavity of the roasted poblano. Add the two cheese varieties. Add a strip of pickled jalapeño(if using). Cover cheese with more masa. Use your fingers to gently form and push masa into poblano.
  • Using two softened corn husk, wrap the tamachile with stem side on the wide end of corn husk. Tear off some strips from the extra corn husk and tie to secure in place. See photos.
  • Fill steamer pot with water at the bottom. place steamer insert inside pot. Add a few softened corn husk to bottom of steamer. Arrange the tamalchiles standing up, stem side up. Use the extra corn husk or balls of foil paper to hold the tamachiles upright.
  • Cover the tamachiles with extra corn husk, a clean kitchen towel or a few sheets of deli paper. Cover pot and turn heat to high. Once it begins to steam rapidly, reduce heat to medium. Set timer for 1 hour.
  • On the back burner keep a pot of warm water on low. After one hour, add a little more water to the steamer pot. Pour it close to the inside edge of pot trying not to wet the tops of tamalchiles. Cover once again and continue steaming for another 45 minutes to one hour. These are thicker and required more time on my electric stove top. Gas stove tops cook a little faster and more evenly.
  • After 1 hour and 45 minutes, you could pull out a tamachile and let it cool slightly before checking if it's done and the masa is cooked all the way through. Because the chile releases moisture, the masa will appear to be soft in some spots. It may require more cooking time. I had the best results and a more flavorful tamachile letting them cool and chill overnight. I reheated the next day and they were perfect!
  • Serve with your favorite salsa or caldillo. A side of rice and beans is always delicious too!