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Heading South With Rumba Meats

Mexican Aprons

One of the most important things that I learned from my parents is that hard work pays off! A true passion and dedication for to the work you do helps too. Now and then through out ones life you come across individuals that share the same passion and dedication. After 20 years, I left world of retail. I made the decision to pursue and learn more about my true passion, cooking! After learning the basics on how to use a computer, I was introduced to the social media world. After the first 6 months, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Hispanic Kitchen site. The site encouraged everyday cooks like me to share our story and family recipes. One thing led to another. With alot of hours and days spent cooking, photographing and blogging, my hobby turned into a real job! I am currently still happily developing recipes and blogging on the Hispanic Kitchen

In the beginning, I researched many other food blogs, especially the ones written by Latina bloggers. I knew I had found exactly where I needed to be. I had so many stories and recipes to share. In my search I came across these photos of some of the most amazing salsa recipes I had ever seen. They reminded me so much of home with all the same ingredients my family cooked with. I just had to know who this wonderful food blogger was. Her name was Mely Martinez and her food blog was named Mexico In My Kitchen

The more I read her recipes, the more I was inpired. Mely takes the time to really research the history of the traditional and authentic dishes of Mexico. After trying many, many recipes and blogging about them, I found that the one’s that my followers connected most with were the family recipes and more traditional recipes.  And this led me back to Mely. She rarely veers much from her true passion, which is authentic and traditional Mexican food. From that moment I knew that I had to stick with what I loved.   

And this leads me to today, February 11, 2017. Soon, I will be traveling to Dallas, Texas to meet Mely in person. I have the wonderful opportunity to work with Rumba Meats  once again and I am so excited. I will be arriving in Dallas on February 19th. And I will be heading to Mel’s home on the morning of February 20, 2017. So excited! I will be sharing blog post on Facebook, instant stories on Instagram and the most exciting(and scary), live video on Facebook! How does my hair look? Lol! Like I said, it’s exciting and a great opportunity to meet Mely, who I have admired for a few years now. While in Dallas, Mely will be preparing one of her signature and traditional dishes using the delicious Rumba Meats product. I can’t wait! So make sure you follow Mexico In My Kitchen and Rumba Meats Website, Rumba Meats Facebook, and Rumba Meats Instagram for all the exciting moments coming!

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