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Green Chile Pepper Recipes~ A Dozen Recipes!

Still on the fence? Red or green? Red or green chile that is. If I was forced to choose and only then would I have to choose green chile, but just by a teeny, tiny, only measured by Nasa margin! Lol! There are some recipes like Mom’s red chile pork tamales that green chile could not even touch. But then there’s my favorite pork green chile or the shredded beef and potato in green chile. Bring on the homemade flour tortillas! I share with you today a collection of recipes featuring green chile as the main ingredient, the star, if you will. Buen Provecho!

Hatch Green Chile Peppers-Roasting Chiles

I was so excited to walk into my favorite market and the first thing I see! Hatch Green Chile Peppers! Picked up 5 pounds, should have picked up 10! LOL!



Tips~ To see full recipes just click onto the picture of choice and it will take you to that page.


Pork Chile Verde

Pork Chile Verde #greenchile


What can I say, but roll mine in a big burrito! Lol!


Chile Relleno de Queso

Chile Relleno de Queso #greenchile

In that warm sauce….to die for.


Chile Verde Sauce

Green Chile Sauce #greenchile


I have my spoon ready!


Chicken Chile Verde

Chicken Chile Verde #greenchile

Can you see that steam coming off that dish of green chile?


Chile Verde Vegetable Posole

Chile-Verde-Vegetable-Posole #greenchile


Add a few grilled shrimp on top and call it the best green chile posole!


Beef Chile Verde

Beef Chile Verde #greenchile


This is where a nice 14 inch burrito size tortilla from Ramona’s in L.A. comes in handy!


Green Chile and Cheese Soup

Green Chile and Cheese Soup #greenchile


You need a good melting cheese for the bottom of the bowl…and a BIG spoon!


Chile Verde Beef Picadillo

Chile Verde Beef Picadillo #greenchile



Perfect for tacos or enchiladas or with a side of fideo sopa.


Pork Chile Verde with Potatoes

Pork Chile Verde with Potatoes #greenchile


I think the addition of the fried potatoes adds great flavor and stretches this dish for a larger crowd.


Green Chile and Cheese Tamales

Green Chile and Cheese Tamales #greenchile


My oldest sister Chris taught me how to prepare this delicious combo. She stuffs a whole green chile with cheese for special order tamales! Huge hit!


Chile Verde Pork Posole~Technically prepared with poblano chile peppers, but Hatch or Anahiem can be substituted.

Chile Verde Pork Posole #greenchile

Prepare this one two days before you serve it. The flavors only get better and better!


Roasted Chile Chilaca, Poblano and Jalapeño with Crema and Queso

Chile Chilaqua con Queso y Crema
Chile Chilaqua con Queso y Crema…mmmmm…mmmm!!