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Frijoles a la Charra-Frijoles Borrachos-Charro Beans


Frijoles a la Charra-Charro Beans

This recipe for frijoles a la charra or frijoles borrachos, as many peple call it, was pretty much a staple in our house. Any special occasion, cook out, family visit and these beans were automatically part of the menu. Mom’s version was simple. No hot dogs, no chorizo, but still so delicious and one of our all time favorites. Every family has their own version and that’s what makes it special to each of us. I do enjoy the fully loaded frijoles charros as well. It is a meal in itself! Just slap on a, hot of the grill, piece of carne asada on top and it’s ready! Don’t forget the spicy salsa and warm tortillas. #foodieforlife #mexicanfood #frijoles

Frijoles a La Charra-Charro Beans


6-8 strips of smoked bacon, chopped small 
4-5 cups cooked pinto beans

1 or more cup broth from beans
1 small white onion, diced
2 serrano chile, sliced into thick rings or minced
1 large roma tomato, diced
Handful of chopped cilantro

12 oz of a light beer
salt and pepper, to taste


Variations: These beans are also known as Charro Beans and many people like to add hot dogs (or sausage), sliced and ground chorizo to their charro beans. The beer is something my Mom added. I add more than she did. If you don’t want to use the beer, just add chicken broth or more bean broth. Chef’s choice!



1. Preheat pot or deep skillet to medium heat. Add the bacon and cook until browned. Add the onions and chile serrano. Saute for a few minutes. Add the tomato and cilantro, stir well to combine. Season lightly with salt and pepper.

2. Add the beans, liquid from the beans and the beer. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer. Season with salt and  pepper to taste, stir, cover and cook for a good 20 minutes. Taste for salt.


Tips~ If you wanted to prepare these without beer, I like to replace the beer with low sodium chicken or beef brothGarnish with lime wedges, cilantro, crema (Mexican cream) and warm tortillas or tostadas. My family would always prepare these beans with carne asada or any grilled meats

Frijoles a La Charra-Charro Beans

Also known as “Drunken Beans”, frijoles borrachos!

Frijoles a La Charra-Charro Beans

I like preparing this recipe with black beans and red beans as well. So tasty!

Frijoles a La Charra-Charro Beans


Frijoles Charros Con Salchichas(Mexican-Style Beans)

Frijoles Charros Con Salchichas-Mexican-Style Beans

Frijoles Charros con Salchichas (Mexican-Style Beans)


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