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Bolitas de Leche (Mexican-Style Milk Candies)

Bolitas de Leche(Milk Candy) #bolitasdeleche #mexicancandy

When I think of bolitas de leche, I think of Monterrey, Mexico! Just as in the United States, Mexico is broken down into regions. And each region is known for certain foods. Bolitas de leche are essentially candies prepared from milk and sugar, for the most part. The authentic bolitas de leche are the most popular in Nuevo Leon, where my family is from. The true recipe seems to be a guarded secret, so this was my best attempt at producing a quick recipe. I like to include this little “antojito” (Mexican snack)when I prepare my traditional cookies and empanadas for the holidays. I had attempted the recipe a couple times before, but never documented and shared the results. The pecans remind me so much of the holidays and are included in another popular Mexican candy that I love. You can see the link at the end of the post as well.  If you go to the end of the post you will learn how you can turn this simple sweet milk candy into a decadent dark chocolate truffle! Bolitas de Leche(Milk Candy) #bolitasdeleche #mexicancandy



Bolitas de Leche 

Yields 20-22 Candies



1 can (14 oz) of sweetened condensed milk
3 tablespoons unsalted butter

*1/3 teaspoon cinnamon, optional

*Pecan halves, optional




Add the sweetened condensed milk and butter to a sauce pan. Heat to medium. When the butter melts, add the cinnamon. Stir with a wooden spoon to combine.

When it begins to boil, reduce heat slightly and continue cooking at a steady boil for 7-10 minutes or until the mixture comes away from the sides completely when you tilt the pan, remove from heat.

Place into a greased bowl Cover and chill overnight. Next day, apply a light coat of oil to hands and roll the candy into balls. Gentlty roll in sugar/cinnamon mixture.

If using the pecan halves, gently press a pecan into the center of each bolita de leche. Let sit at room temperature for a day.

Bolitas de Leche(Milk Candy) #bolitasdeleche #mexicancandy

The traditional bolitas de leche do not include cinnamon that I know of, but I enjoy the fresh ground canela so much, I decided to add it.

Bolitas de Leche(Milk Candy) #bolitasdeleche #mexicancandy

Prepare the bolitas de leche a few days ahead and store in an airtight container. As the days pass, the exterior will firm up, but the inside will remain very soft! This is my favorite part! 

Bolitas de Leche(Milk Candy) #bolitasdeleche #mexicancandy

Bolitas de Leche #bolitasdeleche #mexicancandy


Bolitas de Leche #bolitasdeleche #mexicancandy


Dark Chocolate Espresso Truffles

Dark Chocolate Espresso Truffles #chocolatetruffles

It’s so easy to turn these bolitas de leche into luxurious dark chocolate espresso truffles! You will simply add 4 tablespoons of dark chocolate cocoa powder and 3 teaspoons of instant espresso powder to the pot once butter melts with sweetened condensed milk. Follow directions as posted to finish. When you roll the balls the next day, you can dip in melted chocolate and let set or you can roll in finely chopped toasted coconut.