The Mexican Table

My Favorite Recipes

This page will be for my favorite recipes. Some will be traditional and some will be new as they develop.

The Mexican Table

There is nothing like that moment when you finally prepare that special family recipe that Mom made and it taste just like hers….It all starts with a pinch of this and a pinch of that….and lot’s of love.

27 thoughts on “My Favorite Recipes”

      1. Hi Sonia, first of all, thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes. I absolutely enjoy making and tasting everything I’ve made so far. Also, do you have a recipe for the pork tamales and chicken tamales in green salsa? Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes!!

        1. Well, I do have a chicken chile verde recipe and a pork chile verde recipe on my blog that you could use to prepare tamales. That reminds me, I must put those on my to do list for my Instagram stories. Lol! If you need help finding the recipes, let me know. Just type the titles into the search bar.

  1. Sonia…I LOVE your recipes, thank you so much for sharing! I just read your post on the “Tarta de Durazno you made on 9/14, but the directions are not included, and one of the ingredients is “”turb” – whats this? One last question…you said you also made it w/beer…can you post that reciep as well?

    1. Thanks Liz! The recipe for Tarta de Durazno can be found on the Hispanic Kitchen site, but I will include the link here. Turbinado sugar or sugar in the raw is coarse natural sugar. When sprinkled on the pastry before baking, it creates this wonderful, crisp ans lightly sweet finish. All stores carry it in the baking isle. Peach Tart

      Empanada Dough prepared with beer

  2. I have been looking for recipes like yours for forever! I could never get any of my family members dishes right because recipes were never written down. They’d do it all by memory, but when I’d ask them to tell me so I could right it down, they couldn’t remember 🙂 so thank you so much for taking the time to do create this site:)

    1. Thank you Joey for your feedback. My parents cooked the same way….no recipes. The hardest part for me was trying to figure out measurements, but little by litte and alot of tastings later, I think I finally get it. Lol!

  3. Hi Sonia,
    I noticed hispanic kitchen did an update to there website and the salsa subheaders is no longer there. I was looking for you recipe for salsa verde, In this recipe you add harina to thicken it up. Can I get that recipe from you please?

  4. I just made the chile Colorado with cube meat , and it was the best! Like someone else commented reminded me of my mother. Sonia, where can I find your recipes, this kind of cooking I want to teach my daughter and leave special memories for her and my grandson. So that one day he will say there no cooking like my Grammys 😉.

    1. Yesenia, all of my recipes are here on my blog. Which ones are you looking for? Just let me know and I will help you find them. Thank you for the feedback on the recipe. This makes me so happy!!

  5. Hello,
    In your favorites page you have an image with rice with peas in it. Do you have a link for that recipe of rice?


  6. Thank you for the link. I made your Caldo de Albondigas ~Mexican-Style Meatball Soup. It was so delicious. You are quite the cook. Thanks for sharing your recipes. Your recipes are true Mexican food at its best. You have so many great ones it is hard to choose which one I will make next. All your salsa and sauces look wonderful .

    1. Oh good Kathy! I am so happy you liked it. It truly is one of my favorite soup recipes. I actually will be preparing some tomorrow for dinner. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Whenever I need an authentic Mexican recipe I come to you first! Love everything I’ve made so far!! I am looking to try Tamales for the first time and my husband was telling me that each State from Mexico makes them a little different. He is from Durango any ideas for me on that!? He did say it’s pork and he wants a red sauce. My mother in law will never give up the recipe or she leaves out ingredients so mijo will keep coming back for her cooking 😏

    1. Hi Teresa! My family is from Monterrey and out traditional tamal is a red chile pork tamal. Not sure if this could be similar to the one your husband is talking about. Here is the link in case you want to check it out. This is a simplified recipe for a smaller batch and beginners. If you want the original recipe, I can I will find the link as well. If you need any help, let me know.

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