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La fe

Mi abuelito Ismael standing at the front entrance to the house, that house that holds so many cherished memories for me.

I often tell people that my childhood memories of Mexico reads like a true fairy tale. Big piñata parties, posadas, weddings, quinceañeras, abuelitas special cafe con leche, that special antique wardrobe where she kept toys for safe keeping….and over 60 first cousins! My abuelo had a huge house built to fit his large familia. I can still see that wonderful yellow mosaic tile, the view from the terrace, the smells from the kitchen and that electric blue exterior of the big house also known as La Fe.

El Piso La Fe

What I would not give to be there right now……music playing, confetti on the floor, brown paper bags filled with colacion, peanuts in a shell and an orange…. 

Abuelita Sarita, La Fe

Mi abuelita Sarita in the “pink room” as I remember it off the kitchen. It was always fun to go into that second refrigerator to look for ice cubes! Lol! And her hands on her hips…just the way I remember her…that sparkle in her eyes.

Blanca Dora, Mom, in the kitchen at La Fe

Mom in the kitchen at La Fe…..


La Cocina, La Fe

La Cocina, La Fe

La Casa de mis abuelos, La Fe

La Casa de mis abuelos. My grandparents home, La Fe

El Cerro de la Silla

From my trip in 2011…..Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. This was the view from the top at La Fundidora, Orno 3. Almost lost my camera because the wind was so swift!

15 thoughts on “Mexican at Heart”

  1. Hola Flor! It was like a magical dream, the most wonderful! Would love to read you stories sometime. You have a blog?

  2. I love your story very typical mexican childhood, totally different then mine, lol! thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Maria. If I had known then that I would not get to see my grandparents home in it’s full glory as an adult now, I would have taken a million pictures. Every inch of that house and it’s land. It was so beautiful…in my heart forever.

  3. This Blog is the best I have read and had the pleasure of visiting I can see all your recipes and photos are so Mexican, your Red Chili & beef is the way I make it,I am a retired Chef from IL. I found your site on Pinterest, your family sounds like mine. very nice to read about your family.my father was from Mexico my mother was from Corpus Cristi Texas. I will be trying some of your recipes for sure.
    Thank you
    Ernesto` Contreras

    1. Thank you for the nice feedback Ernesto. I remember when I first joined Pinterest, there were hardly any real Mexican recipes available. And now, it’s all Mexican, lol! I have tried so many different cuisines on my blog, but the ones that get the most response are the simple Mexican recipes. They are the ones I feel most at home with.

  4. Hi Sonia, I first found you on IG and I am so glad I did! All your recipes look so delicious they truly inspire me. I love cooking, too. I started when I was about 8yrs old always helping my Mom when my siblings would rather be outside playing. I thank God I did! (Mom went to be with the Lord a few yrs ago.) She taught me so much. My Grandma (my Dad’s Mom) taught her how to cook all the Mexican food we grew up on. Funny because my Mom wasn’t even Mexican or spoke Spanish! She learned though, I guess they spoke the language of food, lol! I wanted to know, do you plan on putting out a cookbook? I’d be first in line for it!! Thanks for sharing the love of “The best kind of food in the world!”

    1. Thank you so much for your nice comments Joyce! I am so happy you found me too! A cookbook is on my bucket list, lol! I am putting it out there to the universe that it will happen one day.I am so happy to hear that your mom learned the recipes from your grandmother. And I am even happier to hear that you were able to learn from her.

  5. Totally enjoy your blog. The recipes are wonderful as are the images! I was born in Monterrey, N.L. and can connect with your story. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Hello Sonia
    I’m from San Luis Potosi. I was strolling in Instagram and saw one of your delicious looking recipes. I am in love with your website/ blog. love ,love your pictures and stories that come with the each dish. Disen que vivir es recordar y sierto me ases recordar momentos lindos en Mexico con mi abula y mis padres.

    1. Angie, you hit the nail right on the head! The main reason I started all this was to share my story, my family’s story, but most of all to help people like you connect with their heritage. I know we are not all from the same places, but at some point we connect. It’s such a beautiful experience for me to open up my blog site and find these wonderful comments. It inspires me like you can’t even imagine. Thank you sooo much!!!

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