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Thanksgiving, Giving Thanks~ Dia de Accion de Gracias

I remember as a kid that there were certain holidays that we celebrated in the states, but not in Mexico. I am not really sure the exact year that my Mexican Mom adopted the very American tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving. I often think about those hours spent in the kitchen preparing Thanksgiving dinner. My most favorite job was dicing all the vegetables that made up my Mom’s stuffing recipe. My motivation for helping, the granny smith green apple that would go in towards the end. It was, and still is one of my favorite apples. To this day, every time I slice a green apple and smell that aroma, it instantly takes me back to that small kitchen on Kansas Ave. in California. The story behind the stuffing recipe is that my Mom found it in one of the major newspapers in L.A. I could only imagine how she felt trying out some different ingredients she had never used before in her cooking. I am so thankful for that recipe. It is a staple in my family and a traditionthat has been passed down to Mom’s grandchildren now. Everyone remembers Mom’s delicious stuffing recipe. Happy Thanksgiving!

There is my beautiful Mom slicing the turkey. That's me next to her on the right. Those were special times.
There is my beautiful Mom slicing the turkey. That’s me next to her on the right. Those were special times.

A Trip to Remember~ Returning to Monterrey, Mexico

Monterrey, La Fundidora

My return trip to Mexico  in 2011, after almost 15 years was a dream come true. Besides reuniting with my family and all the wonderful foods, my visit to La Fundidora left quite an impression on me. This was the view from way up high, almost lost my camera trying to capture this photo.View from La Fundidora, Monterrey