Amor, Amistad y Comida (Love, Friendship and Food)

Amor, Amistad y Comida-Lunch With Mely #rumbameats #sabordelafamilia

I am still walking on cloud nine since my trip to Dallas! Lunch with Mely was way more than just lunch. Even before we met in person, we had this special connection. We share the same passion for the foods we grew up with. The foods are delicious, but it’s more than that. Every dish tells a story of family, a special place in time, of friends and of our heritage. And even though our stories may be similar in many ways, they are also different in many ways. Mely’s wonderful story is of a woman born in Mexico and making the transition to life in the United States. She had to adapt to a different way of life, but never forgetting where she came from, her heritage and traditions. Her blog, Mexico in My Kitchen, takes you on a journey through the different regions of Mexico. She is a teacher at heart and shares easy to follow recipes using the most authentic ingredients. Stop by her blog and visit. It will make you hungry!

My story, is of a woman born of Mexican parents, first generation, Mexican American. I am thankful that my parents Ramiro and Blanca spoke to us in Spanish so we would always know the language. Thankful for the trips cross country to Monterrey, Mexico twice a year to visit familia. Thankful for parents who enjoyed cooking for their large family. This is one of the many ways they expressed their love for us. I carry that with me to this day and feel that a delicious plate of food prepared with your hands, from scratch, is an expression of love.   After losing my parents a few years ago, I was determined to share their story through the love of the foods they prepared. My blog is still a work in progress, but it has brought me so much joy being able to connect with nice people who share similar stories. Food is love!

I too had to adapt when I was married and moved away from home. The foods I grew up with loving and enjoying were not availabe in the small town in New York that I lived in. For many years, my Mom would send me care packages of fresh chiles, limes and avocados. I am not even kidding! Lol! Things have changed quite a bit since those days. Very traditional dishes, such as barbacoa de cachete(beef cheek), menudo (beef tripe) and tacos de lengua(beef tongue tacos), I could only enjoy when I traveled home. And this brings me to today and how blessed I feel to be working with Rumba Meats  . Their quality meat products, available through out the country  have made it possible for me to prepare those traditional Mexican recipes that my parents so lovingly prepared for our family meals. El Sabor de La Familia, translate to Flavors of the Family.

Mexican Beef Stew #mexicoinmykitchen #rumbameats

I am looking at this picture of Mely’s Mexican Beef Stew and wishing I had a plate full right now! Find the full recipe on her blog.

Make sure to visit the Rumba Meats website to locate where their quality meats are sold through out the country. Ask for it! It’s the best quality.

Rumba Meats #mexicoinmykitchen #sabordelafamilia

http://RUMBA Meats Facebook Page.

And finally this special day was about to happen! My day started very early on February 20th. Picked up at 8:45 a.m. and off to Mely’s house! Not even the cloudy day could ruin this moment! I may have shared too many photos, lol! I love the story that the pictures tell. Join Mely and me as we come together to share  Amor, Amistad y Comida! Love, Friendship and Food! El Sabor de La Familia! 


Below is a gallery of picture collages of this wonderful day! It truly has been the highlight of my whole food blogging journey. And the journey continues!

Mely and I Meet. #rumbameats

Mely and I meet at her house! Yes, there were tears, but only happy tears.

Mely and I Prepping. Lunch With Mely #rumbameats

Amor, Amistad y Comida-Lunch With Mely #rumbameats #mexicoinmykitchen

Jumping right in to help Mely finish her delicious recipes! You know you are cooking Mexican food when you see tomato, chiles, onion and cilantro!


Lunch With Mely #rumbameats #mexicoinmmykitchen

Mely telling me about her Mexican Beef Stew dish she is preparing using the beef hind shanks from Rumba Meats. It has the flavors of Yucatan, Mexico and can be prepared with fish, chicken or beef.



Mely and I Film Crew. Lunch With Mely #rumbameats

Mely and Me

In between cooking,  a selfie and some social media posting and trying to stay out of Jake’s way, Lol!


The Rumba Meats blogger meet up of Mely Martinez and Sonia Mendez Garcia at Martinez' home in Frisco, Texas on February 20, 2017.

Smile Big! 

Amor, Amistad y Comida- Mexican Beef Stew #mexicoinmykitchen #rumbameats

Plating and getting ready to eat! Mexican Beef Stew!


Amor, Amistad y Comida-Lunch With Mely #rumbameats #mexicoinmykitchen #sabordelafamilia

Finally sharing a meal together. There is nothing better!


Amor, Amistad y Comida-Lunch With Mely #rumbameats #sabordelafamilia

Mely's Family Photos

Mely’s Family Photos.

Sonia's Family Photos

My family photos

Sharing family photos, recipes and stories. We both come from a family of 5 girls and 3 boys!


The Rumba Meats blogger meet up of Mely Martinez and Sonia Mendez Garcia at Martinez' home in Frisco, Texas on February 20, 2017.

Taking a few photos with the crew! I cannot thank them enough for making this whole experience so easy! I know both Mely and I were a bit nervous, Lol! They were the best! Jake, Holly, Mely, Amy, Me and Carolina. 

Mely and I Saying Goodbye. Lunch With Mely #rumbameats

Saying Goodbye. #rumbameats #mexicoinmykitchen


And the moment I disliked the most was having to say goodbye. 

8 thoughts on “Amor, Amistad y Comida (Love, Friendship and Food)”

  1. That is awesome that you get to meet with those that live off family traditions with foods we grew up with and pass down to our children and thensome. I grew up eating and learning how to cook Spanish food along with everything else, from my grandma’s, my mom, aunts, cousins,other ppl.. cooking is a passion of mine has been from a very young age of 7. With all this being said I’d like to invite you to Montana to teach me a few things in cooking and show you what I can do.. I love looking at all.your recipes and trying them with the sources we have here. So yes please consider my invitation and keep posting… ♡♡♡
    Your Amiga,
    Karen (Padilla)Stebbins

    1. Hi Karen!! Thank you so much for the invitation. I may take you up on that. Do you mind if I share your comment on facebook this afternoon?

  2. I have recently had the pleasure of meeting both of you ladies through your blogs I read them often your food and recipes are also a part of my past also it was so nice to see you both together and enjoying your love and heritage ,I came from a family of 12, I will be updating my blog there is so much I have learned from you and your recipes, do not worry I am not copy cat. Thank you for your recipes they are for my private use.
    Ernesto` Contreras

  3. Great pictures Sonia so happy for the share. Great company, great food and awesome memories. Can’t express enough the Happiness I feel for both of you!!!

    1. Thank you so much Laura! I feel like it was all a wonderful dream. So grateful for the opportunity to be able to do these kinds of things. Thank you for the beef sticks, by the way! They were tasty!!

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