Papas en Salsa #papasensalsa

Papas En Salsa (Potatoes In Tomatillo Salsa)


Papas en Salsa #papasensalsa

Papas en Salsa is a tasty side dish for any occasion. I typically will prepare potatoes using this skillet method on the weekends for breakfast . My husband’s favorite, papas con huevo (potato with eggs)is typically on the menu.  Cooking the potatoes low and slow in a covered skillet cooks the potatoes all the way through without having to boil or fry in alot of oil. The tomatillo salsa is super easy to prepare and when combined with the skillet cooked potatoes, it’s delicious! One of the perks of food blogging is having leftovers the next day! I simply took a portion of the leftover potatoes and sauteed them in a little olive oil, added ranchero cheese and salsa on top. That was a great brunch day! Check out the picture at the end of the post.

Papas en Salsa #papasensalsa


Yields 6 Servings


6 large tomatillos
2 jalapeños
1/3 white onion
2 cloves garlic
1 red fresno or small sweet pepper

3 1/2 pounds white, yellow or red potatoes (washed)
Olive or grapeseed oil
salt and fresh cracked pepper


Peel and wash the tomatillos. Remove the stems from the jalapeños. Place the tomatillos, peppers, onion and garlic in a pot of simmering water. Cook for 10 minutes.

Using a slotted spoon, transfer salsa ingredients to the blender. Season with salt, to taste and blend until smooth. Set aside.

Slice the potatoes into 1 inch chunks, set aside. Preheat 3-4 tablespoons of oil in a deep skillet at medium heat for 2 minutes.

Add the potatoes tot he skillet. Season lightly with salt and pepper. Cover with lid. This will create steam and help the potatoes cook all the wat throught he middle. Stir now and then and cover after each time.

After about 25 minutes, if the potatoes are fork tender, add the salsa from the blender. Fold to combine. Cook for another 2 minutes. Transfer to serving dish. Garnish with cilantro and red fresno chile pepper.

Tips~ Want to take this dish over the top? Transfer to a baking dish. Top with mexican crema and queso ranchero or Oaxaca. Broil for just a few minutes to melt the cheese!

Papas en Salsa #papasensalsa

Make your dish festive by serving it in a holiday bowl. The garnish of the red fresno chile pepper really makes the colors pop.

Papas en Salsa Con Queso Ranchero

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