And Then Came Septiembre~September

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  1. OMG, I arrived at your wonderful blog through Pinterest, looking for a “paleta” recipe. That was the most authentic recipe I found so I went to your blog/website, not to familiar with terminology. While reading other recipes of yours I was intrigued by how authentic maybe similar to my own families and by why you were “la Pina”. After reading every little bit of your stories and comments I realized why I was so attracted to this site. One my mothers maiden name is Pina, she is from Piedras Negras studied in Saltillo met and married my dad and moved to Eagle Pass. What a small world. I too had not been back to Saltillo in the past 11 years so I know how awsome it was for you to go back. Reading your stories made me cry because my memories are so much like yours. We visited our family in Saltillo at least twice a year and when I was in college I spent a few summers there. And like you when I sit down to dinner and take a bite of that chile relleno, that albondiga,or fideo, it takes me back to my childhood an a flood of memories. And by the way as you can see I’m not gifted with the ability to write so I appreciate your talent, it’s inspiring.

    1. Patti, I am so happy you found my little space online. I get such joy out of connecting with people like you. I would have nothing to share if it were not for the stories that inspire the recipe. Unless you have experienced that joy one feels from those moments we lived, than the recipe is just a recipe. It takes us back to those simple days, happy days…. Comments like your inspire to continue sharing my experiences. It’s a positive thing in a worls filled with so much negativity. Your writing was fine…I could feel the emotion in your words.

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