The governors palace, Monterrey...

A Trip to Remember~ Returning to Monterrey, Mexico

2 thoughts on “A Trip to Remember~ Returning to Monterrey, Mexico”

  1. I clicked on your website because I just read on facebook that you won the best caldo de res recipe on rumbameats. It’s funny because I just made caldo de res yesterday, and I was looking for a recipe that would taste like I remember when I was growing up and as a teenager in Piedras Negras, Coah. The recipe I made was pretty good, still is lacking something, not sure what. I am going to find yours and try it next time. So far, I have enjoyed reading a bit about your trip to Monterrey and about the blue house La Fe?

    1. Oh, thank you Patricia. I have the best chilhood memories of that big blue house of my abuelos. I always felt that way about the caldo de res when I prepared it in the passed. Nothing like my mom’s caldo, lol! I do know that the pressure cooker really added alot more flavor to the meat. Super tender. But low and slow cooking is good too! Thanks for stopping by.

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